Mission and Values

Sprout City Farms believes that a thriving local food system is the foundation for healthy, resilient communities. We strive to ensure food-secure communities by developing and strengthening the local food system.


Vision: Sprout City Farms (SCF) envisions a thriving local food system within the Denver metro area supported by a network of accessible city farms which nourish, and are nourished by, their surrounding community.

Mission: Sprout City Farms cultivates educational urban farms that engage and strengthen communities.


Our work is guided by the following core principles:
  • Create opportunities for all people to have equal access to fresh produce and the knowledge of how to produce it themselves.
  • Build urban farms that provide access to the outdoors and exposure to how food is grown, especially in communities that have limited green spaces, as well as preserve local ecological systems.
  • Cultivate safe community spaces where residents come together to build relationships around food.
  • Foster long-term relationships based on trust, inclusion and collaboration that respect the integrity of local neighborhoods.