What We Do

Sprout City Farms offers a variety of programs designed to meet the food access and educational needs of the communities that we serve. 

Our current initiatives include:

Feeding People
SCF believes that all members of the community have a right to to healthy, fresh, naturally grown food. We offer a variety of programs designed to meet every level of need, and to ensure that the communities surrounding our farms are healthy and well nourished.

Community Education
SCF offers a wide range of community education opportunities to encourage people to learn about their food, including how to grow, harvest and cook it. It is our goal to build resiliency in our communities, to encourage environmental stewardship, and to enable people to better feed themselves and their families.

Youth Programs
Our youth programs are designed to engage, excite and educate children of all ages.  Using farms as classrooms, students learn hands-on about growing, harvesting and cooking food; caring for the environment; and working collaboratively with their peers and greater community.

Community Farms
SCF develops urban farms in partnership with institutional facilities that provide community services and feed people. The farms serve both to supply the food service program and to help the host organization to meet its program goals. Examples include education, job training, motor skills development, leadership training, and building self-sufficiency.

Thought Leadership
The future of urban agriculture requires a shift in thinking, eating and acting. At SCF we believe that our role is both as a voice for change, and as a resource for capacity building. Our diverse board and staff members provide thought leadership in the ever shifting landscape of Denver’s urban agriculture movement, while empowering communities to make decision that impact the way they eat.