Dahlia Campus Community Farm

In 2016, SCF broke ground on the Dahlia Campus Community Farm in partnership with the Mental Health Center of Denver at the Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being in Northeast Park Hill. 


SCF is excited to be expanding and partnering with Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) at the Dahlia Campus of Health and Well-being. The Dahlia Campus incorporates a wide variety of community services and is a collaborative approach to growing and educating community members about food.  The Dahlia Campus Farms and Gardens includes a one-acre urban farm, a 5,400 square foot aquaponic greenhouse, experiential gardens for children, horticultural therapy gardens, a food pantry/donation distributor and a farmers market.  SCF is excited to be working with so many partners to bring this amazing project to life including MHCD, Colorado Aquaponics, Children’s Farms of America, People’s Community Food Project, and Mo’ Betta Green Marketplace.

This project is expanding our work to another diverse neighborhood in Denver and furthering our mission of cultivating educational urban farms that engage and strengthen communities. Our long-term vision for the urban farm at the Dahlia Campus is a robust community farm that increases healthy food access, provides community gathering space, builds on community assets, and hosts educational opportunities in the Northeast Park Hill community while additionally connecting with MHCD and their clientele. We are working towards this vision by utilizing this one-­acre farm to grow a significant amount of healthy produce to supply the surrounding neighborhood­­ including local schools and food pantries. Additionally, we are offering educational and community programs to support healthy living in the Northeast Park Hill community.

Map of the Dahlia Campus Community Farm location