Feeding People

Sprout City Farms believes that all members of the community have a right to to healthy, fresh, naturally grown food. We offer a variety of programs designed to meet every level of need, and to ensure that the communities surrounding our farms are healthy and well nourished.

Sprout City Farms provides food to our community through the following initiatives:

  • 10-15% of produce grown is donated to emergency food relief programs, addressing food access issues and improving the health of our most underserved community members
  • Emergency Food Relief Programs include DGS backpack program, Project Worthmore, Mountair Christian Church, People’s Community Food Project
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs support our farms, as well as the surrounding communities, by offering free and reduced shares, in addition to traditional paid shares.
  • Community Farm Stands provide affordable access to produce through a donation-based system.
  • Farm to Cafeteria improves nutrition at our host sites, proving the freshest produce possible.