CSA Programs

Community Supported Agriculture provides not only a generous supply of organically grown produce each week to members, but it creates educational opportunities for people to learn about their food, connect with their farm, and actively build connections in their community food system.  Memberships are paid from winter to spring, providing the needed capital to start farming each season. Members then visit their farm each week throughout summer and fall to pick up a share of the harvest.

CSA programs are designed for folks who live in the surrounding neighborhoods of the farm: weekly pickup is on a weekday evening, and many shareholders enjoy walking or biking to the farm.  The whole family is encouraged to attend each week to learn about seasonal availability of produce, participate in cooking demonstrations by local chefs, pick their own flowers and herbs, and share in the weekly changes that take place on the farm throughout the season.

CSA Informational Flyer

2018 CSA shares are now on sale! 

*Sign up before November 15th, 2017 and receive bonus shares this fall and winter!*

To view pricing, more details, and to sign up, click the green button below for the farm you would like to join.

DGS – Denver Green School Community Farm 6700 E. Virginia Ave. SE Denver 80224 (map)

MAP – Mountair Park Community Farm West 13th & Depew St. Lakewood 80214 (map)

Dahlia – Dahlia Campus Community Farm 33rd & Dahlia St. NE Denver 80207 (map)

Vegetable Share | Sprout City Farms
17 weeks of organically grown veggies, herbs, and flowers from June to October at Denver Green School Community Farm, Mountair Park Community Farm, or Dahlia Campus Community Farm.

Sponsored Vegetable Share | Sprout City Farms
Give the gift of food and sponsor a share for a family in need!  17 weeks of organically grown veggies, herbs, and flowers from June to October at Denver Green School Community Farm, Mountair Park Community Farm, or Dahlia Campus Community Farm.

Fruit Share | Ela Family Farms
11 weeks of mouth-watering organic fruit from Ela Family Farms, a 100-acre orchard in Hotchkiss, CO.  They let their fruit ripen on the tree to ensure the sweetest flavor!

Egg Share | High Plains Food Co-op 
18 weeks of local, natural eggs from High Plains Food Co-op. Weekly share: 1 dozen per week, or bi-weekly share: 1 dozen every other week.

Tea & Honey of the Month Club | Teakoe Tea & Lazy Bee Ranch
Once a month pick up of 2 oz of seasonal blend loose leaf teas from Teakoe Tea, a Denver-based tea company, and a 5.75 oz jar of seasonal local honey from Lazy Bee Ranch in Hudson, CO (honey flavors include: wildflower, lemon, vanilla, cinnamon). We are growing herbs and flowers for Teakoe and hope to have some Sprout-City-grown tea in the tea share one day!

Mushroom Share | Mile High Fungi 
18 weeks of locally-raised, fresh and dried mushrooms from Mile High Fungi in Conifer, CO. Varieties include: oyster, lion’s mane, shiitake, and more! Weekly share: 5 oz per week.

Organic Meat Share | High Plains Co-op 
9 deliveries over 18 weeks (biweekly at CSA pickup at DGS) of local, organic meat including beef, chicken, pork, yak, goat, and lamb.  See www.HighPlainsFoods.org for more info on what cuts of meat are available.  Members receive $20 worth of varying cuts of meat with each biweekly share.

Work Shares and SNAP/EBT Shares:

To ensure food access for all members of the community, Sprout City Farms makes approximately 20% of our CSA shares available as reduced cost or work shares. Work shares give participants an opportunity to earn back up to 50% of their CSA membership in exchange for time spent helping on the farm. SNAP/EBT shares are available to SNAP/EBT recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Community Supported Agriculture work?

Community Supported Agriculture is about forging a direct relationship between food producers and food consumers.  To participate, one purchases a CSA “share” in a farm prior to the growing season.  A CSA share is similar to a subscription, but instead of getting a newspaper each week or a season pass for a ski resort, you get fresh, locally-produced, organically-grown food!  During the growing season, shareholders come to the farm each week to pick up their freshly harvested produce.

The whole family is encouraged to come to the weekly pickup, as you will get to see the farm and how it’s growing, learn about seasonal availability of different veggies, pick your own herbs and flowers, and get recipes and participate in cooking demonstrations that will help you turn your share into delicious meals for you and your family.

What if I’ll be out of town or on vacation during the CSA season?

Send a friend or neighbor to pick up your share!  If that’s not convenient, your share will simply be added to our donation program that week.  We’re sorry, but due to limited storage space and staff capacity we are unable to accommodate late or rescheduled pickups.

What kind of produce will I get?

We grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables on our farms. Check out our Crop Calendar for more details.  If there are ever items in your share that you do not like, or do not want, there is a designated spot at pickup each week where you can leave undesired items behind for another family or for donation.

How much food will I get?

SCF’s veggie shares are designed to feed 2-3 folks per week and vary as the season progresses.  The season starts out with cool, spring vegetables such as greens, peas and radishes.  As the season progresses, warm season crops become available such as tomatoes, eggplant and cucumbers.  Toward the end of the season, storage crops ripen such as potatoes, winter squash and onions.

How do I sponsor a share for a family in need?

Just add a sponsored share in your cart and we will match your donation with a family in need.  Through your support, a family can receive a full share throughout the season!

Can shares be split?

SCF does not offer a half share for veggies but if you would like to share it with a friend, family member or colleague, feel free.  Some folks alternate pick-up weeks and some split the share once they get home…whatever works for you.  We will note the names of the shareholders and communicate with both.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, if you are interested in payment options, email us at csa@sproutcityfarms.org.  You can pay in 2 installments, with the second payment due by April 30th.

CSA Shareholder Agreement

1. As a CSA shareholder, I am responsible for picking up my produce on the designated pickup day/time. If I cannot pick up my produce during the scheduled time, I will make arrangements to have someone pick it up on my behalf, or will let the farm manager know that my share is to be donated that week. (If you are simply running late and would like your share set aside for you to pick up later that evening, the farm manager can accommodate that if you get in touch by phone before the end of pickup.) Due to storage and staff limitations, SCF cannot make accommodations for share pickups on other days/times.
2. I understand that if my produce is not picked up within the designated time, it will be donated to a charity of SCF’s choice.
3. I understand that farming and crops can be affected by contingencies including weather, wildlife damage, drought, late/early frost, “acts of God!” etc. I agree to share the risk of these contingencies and understand that the amount of produce in my share may vary as a result.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: SCF will refund the full amount of a share, less a $50 processing fee, if canceled by April 30th. No refunds will be issued after April 30th, but shares can be transferred to another person.