Farm to Cafeteria

Co-locating farms and institutional facilities with cafeterias improves nutrition, and helps to address health issues including obesity, diabetes and other food related illnesses.

SCF works to ensure participants at host sites are nourished with healthy, farm-fresh food. We develop a growing strategy that dovetails with the unique needs of each host, ensuring that we can meet the needs of their food service program throughout the year. Our farm to cafeteria program also supports local economic development, making food investments in the community rather than supporting large corporate food systems.

Current Farm to Cafeteria Sites:

Denver Green School

The Denver Green School Community Farm is our flagship site, supporting the cafeteria and student health, while offering a wide range of educational opportunities for pre-K-8 students. SCF pioneered the first on-site school farm in Colorado, including developing food safety and handling protocols for the safe growing and harvesting of produce on the farm for delivery to school cafeterias.  These protocols were approved by Denver Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services with input and advice from food safety experts at Colorado State University Extension, officials from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and from the Department of Public Health and the Environment.