Thought Leadership

The future of urban agriculture requires a shift in thinking, eating and acting. At Sprout City Farms we believe that our role is both as a voice for change, and as a resource for capacity building. Our diverse board and staff members provide thought leadership in the ever-shifting landscape of Denver’s urban agriculture movement, while empowering communities to make decisions that impact the way they eat.
  • Sprout City Farms is using urban farming as a way to address hunger and health issues, build resiliency in our communities and protect the environment.
  • Sprout City Farms is working toward policy change and capacity building that will ensure communities can choose how they eat.
  • Sprout City Farms is a trusted source of information, and we work to deepen our community impact by sharing knowledge and maintaining open dialogue with other organizations.
  • Sprout City Farms is pioneering programs and protocols that are expanding the market for locally grown food, including developing safe food handling practices for farm to cafeteria programs.
  • Sprout City Farms is an active participant in engaging the greater community through events, social media, conferences and other gatherings that help broaden Denver’s urban agriculture and sustainability movement.

If you are interested in having Sprout City Farms participate in an event, please email us.